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Photo Exhibition: Tashkent The History of One City

The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in London is delighted to announce that a Photo Exhibition titled Tashkent - the History of One City will be held in March 2010 in the United Kingdom as part of the spring holiday Navruz. The exhibition will be displayed at Jesus College, University of Cambridge, from 10 to 20 March and at the Embassy on 25 March during a diplomatic reception (by invitations).

Tashkent – a pearl in the necklace of Central Asian cities, is an ancient yet eternally young city, the heart of the blessed Uzbek land. It is a city enriched by different linguistic and cultural traditions over two millennia. Immersed in myths and legends, it has been a muse to the artists, composers and academicians. This living city seamlessly embodies its past and gazes to the future with confidence and joy.

The life of the city is celebrated in an exhibition which consists of around 80 photographs selected from the same-name book-album published by the Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan Foundation (the Fund Forum) jointly with UNESCO in honour of the 2200th Anniversary of the capital of our country. The book tells the story about glorious Tashkent city which always combines traditional and modern features.

In general, there are 450 photographs in the book which capture Tashkent across several time periods since the photography became prevalent in the region. These shots have been taken in the course of 130 years by more than one hundred photographers. Six chapters of the book cover the most important periods in the city’s history, from late 19th century to present days.

The conception of this publication was elaborated by Prof Gulnara Karimova, Mr Boris Golender, Ms Shahnoza Karimbabaeva, Mr Sergei Abaturov and Mr Rinat Karimov. During one year this group studied, collected, selected and prepared for publication the rarest photographic shots from the history of our capital. Unique collection of postcards made about Tashkent, already a rarity today, served as the basis of the book. It has been published in English, French and Russian.

The current exhibition includes photographs from three sections of this book: Old city from late 19th century till 1918; New city from late 19th century till 1918; Modern Tashkent. These photographs clearly illustrate changes that have occurred in the appearance of our capital in just over a century.

Photo exhibition is held by the Embassy of Uzbekistan and the Fund Forum with assistance and cooperation of the British Council, British-Uzbek Society and Cambridge Central Asia Forum.

                                                         Tashkent in late 19th century till 1918




Entrance to Sheikhantaur

Kaplan & Co pharmacy


                                                                                                                 Modern Tashkent


Khazrati Imam Ensemble

The City at Night








London, 3 March 2010

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