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Members of the British Royal Society for Asian Affairs are familiarized with the achievements of Uzbekistan during the years of its independence


Due to the 24th anniversary of the state independence of our country, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in London held a briefing on the 27 August 2015. This was organized for the members of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, which is the authoritative British educational organization established in 1901.

The event brought together more than 30 representatives of public, academic and business circles of Great Britain in which members of the Company reviewed the successes and indicators of socio-political and socio-economic development achieved by Uzbekistan over the years of sovereignty.
The participants were made aware of how Uzbekistan’s independence created new limitless opportunities for the revival of national statehood. This new era also increased awareness of the rights, values, customs, traditions and knowledge about the great ancestors, which has led to the harmonious formation of the young generation.
Particular emphasis was given to how President Islam Karimov "Uzbek model" of reforms based on five famous principles resulted in achieving significant results in development. Transformation was also due to the successful implementation of the one-sided economic system command-and-control to a diversified market economy with a strong industrial base and a sustainable growth path.
Significant matters such as further development of the Uzbek-British relations were also touched upon. It was agreed that there is a huge potential for expansion of cooperation in trade and economic field, with a focus on technology, cultural and humanitarian area, particularly in the framework of educational programs for young people.
Guests of the event had the opportunity to view a documentary revealing the main achievements and the current level of economic development of Uzbekistan as well as its investment and tourism potential. Further opportunities for foreign investment and business in the country in special economic zones in  "Navoi", "Jizzakh" and "Angren" were presented.
The participants showed active interest in the history and modern development of Uzbekistan. They also presented curiosity in the outlook of young generation, the social protection system in the country, as well as the relations between Uzbekistan with other countries and international organizations.
An expert from the Royal Society for Asian Affairs E.Leng, emphasized the key importance of Uzbekistan large-scale geo-economic processes in the region, both in historical processes along the Great Silk Road, and various contemporary initiatives and programs for the development of transport and communications. According to him, issues of infrastructure development are of paramount importance in the development of our country in terms of the 21st century. In this context, he recalled and praised the initiative of the President Islam Karimov on the transport corridor "Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran-Oman."
Another member of society L.Taylor raised his interest on how Uzbekistan adopted the state program "Year of attention and care for the older generation". He agreed on the importance in ensuring high-quality and affordable health care and other social services for the population. Following further discussions, participants of the briefing were made aware about Uzbekistan's social security policy, as well as the preservation of traditional family values of the Uzbek society.
The participants of the event agreed that Uzbekistan is a fascinating country, both in terms of its rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as its unique experience of state formation and socio-economic development. Members of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs left off with jubilant bright emotions and experience and called for the continuation of joint activities to bring to the general British public about Uzbekistan.
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