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A celebration of the Uzbek-British partnership in the field of education and culture was held in London

On the 21 January 2016 the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the UK organized the event dedicated to Uzbek-British partnership in the field of education and culture, as well as the exhibition of works by students from Uzbekistan named "Inspired by Henry Moore." The event was attended by a delegation of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Uzbekistan, who visited the UK to attend the World Forum of Education, as well as about 50 people from scientific, academic and cultural circles of the United Kingdom.
In welcoming speech, the Uzbek delegation informed the highlights of speech of the President Islam Karimov's address at extended meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the outcomes of socio-economic development in the country in 2015 and the crucial priorities of economic program for the year 2016. Special attention was paid to social policy, in particular the measures taken by the Government in education and achievements of Uzbekistan in this area during the years of Independence. In addition, the current collaboration and prospects of development of relations with Britain in the cultural sphere were highlighted.
As noted by the Deputy Director of the British Council in Tashkent Jamila Gulyamova "the British Council is celebrating its 20th anniversary activities in Uzbekistan at a time when the country marks its 25th Anniversary of Independence. Over the years we have established a constructive and fruitful cooperation with national partners in the field of education, culture and the arts. We plan to organize a series of events dedicated to this significant event and to contribute to the further development of the Uzbek-British relations".
As a successful cooperation, she stressed the unique exhibition of works by one of the most famous British sculptors and artists of the XX century, Henry Moore, which was held in Tashkent last year. As part of this project, lectures were organized by the director of Moore collections David Mitchinson and master classes by British artist Sarah Gillet opened new dimensions for creative professionals for young artists.
The event made a big impression among young Uzbek artists who have created their own interpretation of the vision and creativity of the British wizard that flowed harmoniously in a fine collection for the exhibition called "Inspired by Henry Moore".
This exhibition consisted of two parts: the first part consists of works created during the master classes and the second - the creativity of participants to the seminar. These workshops were videotaped for educational purposes and will be included in the curriculum at the four schools of Uzbekistan, preparing experts on art.
Director of the British Council in Uzbekistan Mark Crossey praised the established "constructive mutual relations in the field of education and culture between Uzbekistan and the British Council, which can be cited as an excellent example of our organization in foreign countries. I highly appreciate the contribution paid to the Government of Uzbekistan for the development of the younger generation, in particular, improving the education system. In this context, the British Council is very pleased to assist Uzbekistan in achieving good results in this case. We are in cooperation in the field of improving the quality of education and teaching methods and support young talent".
According to the professor of the University of London Metropolitan Alex Krouglov "system of higher education plays a key role in the formation of a new generation of civil society and democratic reforms. Our University together with the universities of Uzbekistan is working to improve the quality of higher education. As a result of the recent joint project, university academic staff was provided training and centers of quality were opened in the universities.
Currently we are working with the Uzbek partners on the project of the European Union in the framework of the program «Erasmus», aimed at the professional development of teaching and managerial staff in higher education, standards of teaching and learning, as well as the development of guidelines for interaction between students and teachers. Overall, higher education is being made more international. 
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