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Financial manager of Jsc "Qizilqumsement"

Schedule-job specifications
Level of professional education
Higher professional (economic)

Time in employment: at least 5 years in executive positions in industry of construction materials production (Sphere production of cement),
Language qualifications: Russian – mastery of language; English – mastery of language.

Presence of certificates: in the sphere of modern corporate methods of management – is encouraged.



Management of financial-economic activities, determination of financial politics of the organization, development and implementation of measures on provision of its financial stability.

Supervision of financial management work, based on strategic objectives and prospective of organizational development, for determination of financing sources, taking into account market condition.

Execution of analysis and evaluation of financial risks, development of measures on theirs minimization, provision of control over observing financial discipline by timely and full fulfillment of treaty obligations and flow of revenues, by the way of execution of financial-economic operations with suppliers, customers, credit organizations.

Management of works related to establishment of tax politics of the organization, tax planning and optimization of taxation, advancement of accounting policy, analysis and evaluation of investment attractiveness of the projects and reasonability of fund investments, regulation of equity and borrowed funds ration.

Liaison with credit organizations considering questions of placement of temporarily available cash, handling operations with securities, credits obtaining. Management of development of prospective and current plans and budget funds, informing considering the indexes of approved budgetary systems and tasks, limits and regulations based on them, to branches of the organization, providing control over its execution.

Participation in development of projects considering sales plans for production (works, services), costs of production and sales of goods (works, services), and also preparation of offers aimed at improvement of production profitability, reducing expenses of production and circulation.

Performance of control over condition, flow and target use of financial funds, results of financial-economic activities, fulfillment of tax liabilities.

Taking measures on provision of solvency and increasing profits of the organization, effectiveness of financial and investment projects, rational structure of assets.

Organization of development of information system for financial management in accordance with the requirements of business, taxation, statistical and management accounting, control over reliability and storage of information confidentiality.

Provision of supply of necessary financial information to internal and external consumers.

Management of works for execution of analysis, evaluation of financial and economic results of organizational activities and development of measures targeted on increasing of financial management effectiveness, and also execution of internal audits in respect to consideration of mutual claims, arising in the process of financial-economic activities, takes measures on its solution in accordance with the existing legislation.

Organization of interrelation between all structural divisions of economic management.

Creation of conditions for implementation of modern technologies and techniques, progressive management practices and workplace management.

Control over compliance of the legislation in respect to activities of project offices.

Provision of execution of all the liabilities in accordance with the business-plan.

Ensuring a right composition of economic and management activities, undivided authority and collegiate character in discussion and solution of questions considering financial and moral incentives for increasing of production efficiency, application of financial interest and responsibility of each employee for the tasks charged to him and results of work of the whole team, payment of salary in a timely manner.

Solution of questions considering financial-economic activities of the enterprise, in the framework of rights entrusted to him by legislation, delegation of management of some spheres of activities to the other officials – deputy general manager, managers of economic services.
Management of activities of financial-economic divisions of the organization, coordination of works aimed at increasing of economic management employees’ qualification.

Control over establishment of work and management processes at the enterprise.

Organization of operation and coordination effectiveness of all structural divisions, workshops and production units, targeting its activities on development and improvement of production taking into account social and market priorities, increasing enterprise operation effectiveness, increase in production sales quantity and increasing the revenues, quality and competitiveness of produced good.

Ensuring establishment of works for control, distribution of funds of project-estimate documentation for execution of capital, repair and setting works at the enterprise.

Organization of development of unified planning documentation, economic standards, implementation of means for mechanical and automated processing of planning and accounting information.

Ensuring management of performance of complex economic analysis considering all types of enterprise activities and development of measures on effective application of equity investments, financial and labor resources, increasing the competitiveness of produced goods, efficiency of works, decreasing of production and sales expenditures, increasing profitability of production, increasing the revenues, cut of losses and non-production expenditures.

Participation in development of enterprise strategy with the aim of adaptation of its economic activities and management system to the changing internal and external economic conditions of the market.



Salary – up to 7 000 000,0 UZS,

Fixed official salary – 1 250 000 UZS;

Personal increasing ratio;

Regional ratio;

Reward for performance of enterprise financial-economic activities (in accordance with collective agreement);

Additional payment for compensation of expenditures for increased costs of nutrition for each working day in the amount of 7 % from minimal salary, stated in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Reward at year-end in accordance with “Regulation on reward payment at year-end results of enterprise activities paid to employees of the enterprise”.

Foreign specialists, in the accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 24.04.2015 y. PD-4720, there are provided the preferences for payment of taxes and conversion of obtained salary.


Working day from 08.00 till 17.00;

weekends: Saturday, Sunday, holidays;

private office;

computer, connected to local enterprise network;

Communication means (stationary and interoffice telephone, local network, internet, and etc.)

Transporting to workplace and back to home;

Ability to use sanatorium-preventorium for employees;

Ability to use children’s holiday camp for employees’ children.

For foreign specialists payment for one-time transportation to the workplace at recruitment, corporate housing (space).



Knowledge in the sphere of economy;
Knowledge in the sphere of finances, accounting, marketing,
Ability to perform analysis of financial-economic activities of the enterprise in order to prevent risks and planning its activities;
Skills in working with guidelines and documents,
Basic document processing skills;
PC operation skills.


Accuracy, interpersonal skills, ability to make operative decisions, initiativity, teamwork skills, responsibility, creativity, experience of negotiations with management, ability to work in conditions of increased workloads, ability to create teams and organize their work.

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