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Parliament, political parties and movements

Parliament (Oliy Majlis) of the Republic of Uzbekistan consists of two Chambers:

The Senate (Upper Chamber) of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Address: ashkent, 700078,
Mustaqillik maydoni, 6.
Tel: +998 (71) 238-26-96
e-mail: info@senat.uz

Senate is the Upper Chamber of territorial representation and consists of 100 members (senators). The Chairman of the Senate is Mr. Ilgizar Sobirov.

Members of the Senate are elected in equal quantity - six persons from each territorial entity (Republic of  Karakalpakstan, provinces and the City of Tashkent) by secret ballot at relevant Joint Sessions of deputies of Zhokarghy Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, representative bodies of state authority of provinces, districts, cities and towns among their deputies. Sixteen members of the Senate are appointed by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the most respectable citizens with large practical experience and special merits in the sphere of science, art, literature, industry and other spheres of state and public activity.

The term of Senate’s office - 5 years. To become a member of the Senate the person should be a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan, reached by the election day twenty-five years old and permanently residing in the territory of Uzbekistan for at least five years. The same person may not simultaneously be a member of the Senate and deputy of the Legislative Chamber.

Kengash of the Senate:

Kengash gathers between sessions in order to effectively organize the activities of the Senate, coordinate the work of committees, preparing proposals on the topical issues. Kengash is composed of the Chairman of Senate, his/her deputies and chairmen of the committees. Kengash  adopts decisions within its competence and by majority vote of all its members.
Kengash is headed by Chairman of the Senate.

Committees of the Senate:

  • Committee on Budget and Economic Reforms
  • Committee on Legislation and Judicial-Legal issues
  • Committee on Defense and Security
  • Committee on Foreign Policy Issues
  • Committee on Science, Education, Culture and Sport
  • Committee on Agriculture, Water and Ecology

Jurisdiction of the Committees of the Senate:

  • to give conclusion on the laws passed by the Legislative Chamber for approval;
  • to develop its own initiative and on behalf of the Senate drafts of laws on matters relating to its conduct;
  • to make proposals to Kengash of the Senate on the inclusion of laws to the agenda of the meeting or continuation of work on it or reject it with a reasonable justification;
  • to give conclusions and suggestions on the draft of the State Budget of Uzbekistan;
  • to request official documents and other expert opinions, statistical and other data from state authorities and other organizations;
  • to create a working group to review laws introduced by the Legislative Chamber, attract representatives from government bodies and non-governmental organizations, academics, professionals and scientists, heads of business entities;
  • to prepare proposals to amend or supplement of text of introduced laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the decisions adopted by the Senate;
  • to hear reports of heads of State bodies and government on their implementation of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, regulations and decisions of the Senate committees.

Commissions of the Senate: 

The Senate can create commissions for specific tasks. The Commission is created at the meeting of the Senate among a number of senators, which includes – chairman and members of the commission, and if necessary also deputy chairman of commission. The Senate makes a decision on establishing of a commission. Herewith, the Senate defines the goal and power of a commission.

Commission completes its activity after completion of tasks, or by the decision of the Senate. The form of its organization and activities is determined by the Rules of Procedure of the Senate. Nowadays, it has been formed one Commission - on the Regulations and Ethics.

The Commission on the Regulations and Ethics was formed by the Senate for the term of its office, and consist of 7 persons. The main tasks of the Commission are following:

  • to assist Senators on the observance of the Senate’s ethics;
  • to conduct outreach activities to promote political and legal culture of senators;
  • to carry out preliminary consideration and preparation of questions on the ethics of senators;
  • to monitor the observance of ethics by senators and prevention of its violations timely.


  • Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party – Movement of Entrepreneurs and Business People (O'zbekiston Liberal Demokratik Partiyasi) has 39 its representatives as deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis - www.uzlidep.uz
  • National Revival Democratic Party (Milliy Tiklanish Demokratik Partiyasi) – has 29 members at the Legislative Chamber, after unification with Fidokorlar National Democratic party in June 2008 - www.uzmtdp.uz
  • Uzbekistan People's Democratic Party (O'zbekistan Xalq Demokratik Partiyasi) – has 27 members the Legislative Chamber - www.xdp.uz
  • Justice Social Democratic Party (Adolat Sotsial Demokratik Partiyasi) – has 10 members at the Legislative Chamber - www.adolat.uz


The Institute of the Authorized Person for Human Rights (Ombudsman) under the Parliament was established at the first session of Oliy Majlis by initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on February, 1995.

Ombudsman is an official empowered by the country’s Parliament for protection of human rights and liberties of citizens in the case of their violation by different bodies and officials. Legal status of Ombudsman, scope and principles of his/her activity, order of designation and dismissal, authorities for consideration of citizens’ applications and complaints, rights and duties in the field of human rights and civil liberties are defined by the Law.

Ombudsman is the body of extrajudicial protection of human rights, which has been called upon to accept and consider citizens’ complaints, which exhausted other possibilities of legal protection of their rights and liberties. Ombudsman is obliged to promote restoration of violated human rights by introducing recommendations on conflict resolution between the state structure and a citizen.

The Authorized Person for Human Rights exercises parliamentary control for efficient observance of legislation in the field of human rights by:

  1. State structures;
  2. Self-governing organizations;
  3. Enterprises, institutions, organizations;
  4. Public associations;
  5. Officials.

The Authorized Person for Human Rights (Ombudsman) is Mrs. Sayora Rashidova.

The Legislative Chamber (Lower Chamber) of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Tashkent, 700035,
Xalqlar do‘stligi str. 1,
Tel: +998 (71) 239-87-07

The Legislative Chamber consists of 120 Deputies elected by territorial constituencies on multiparty basis. The Speaker of the Chamber is Mrs. Dilorom Tashmukhamedova.

Kengash of the Legislative Chamber

In order to organize the work of the Chamber and to implement other powers that are stipulated by the Law, the Kengash of the Legislative Chamber was formed at its first session.

Structure of the Kengash:

The Kengash is composed of the Chairman of the Legislative Chamber, his/her Deputies, chairmen of committees, commissions (except interim ones), leaders of factions and blocs of the deputies.

Jurisdiction of the Kengash:

  1. introduces a motion on the agenda and procedures of the session of the Chamber;
  2. holds hearings of the reports of the committees and commissions on their work and information on implementation of the laws and other decisions of the Chamber;
  3. plans legislative activities;
  4. under proposal of the Chairman of the Chamber holds preliminary consideration of draft laws and other documents;
  5. analyses proposals and comments of the deputies given at the session of the Chamber and makes appropriate decision upon them;
  6. within the period between sessions, examines matters for giving consent to bring a deputy of the Chamber to an account in accordance with the law, as well as cases of his/her dismissal;
  7. appoints and dismisses the members of the Board of the Central Bank, Deputies Chairman of the State Committee on Environment of Uzbekistan;
  8. considers other issues related to the work of the Chamber and successful implementation of the powers of the deputies. On the issues related to its competence, the Kengash adopts decisions which are published in prescribed manner.

Committees of the Legislative Chamber:

  • Committee on Budget and Economic Reforms
  • Committee on Legislation and Judicial-Legal issues
  • Committee on Labor and Social Affairs
  • Committee on Defense and Security
  • Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Inter-Parliamentary Relations
  • Committee on Industry, Construction and Commerce
  • Committee on Agriculture, Water and Ecology
  • Committee on Science, Education, Culture and Sport
  • Committee on Democratic Institutions, Non-governmental Organizations and Local Authorities
  • Committee on Information and Communication Technology

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