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Comments of Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Central Council of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan Mr. Boriy Alikhanov on the statement of the Minister of Energy and Industry of Tajikistan


According to the Tajik media publications, on 22 April 2011 at a press conference the Minister of Energy and Industry of Tajikistan Mr. Sherali Gul announced that the technical parameters of the Rogun Hydro Power Station will not be changed even after the completion of environmental examination of the object: "Everything will be as it was". This means that the project will retain all indicative parameters on the height of the dam, station power capacity, which are causing concern.

Thus, a senior official of Tajikistan in effect rejects the outcomes of international expertise in advance, before the announcement of its results, thereby putting under question the competence of this examination, interests of neighboring countries and international community, which supported them and insisted on conducting an objective and comprehensive analysis of the project of construction of Hydro Power Stations on transboundary waters, as well the World Bank, which paid expenses.

It is logical to assume that the Tajik side, foreseeing undesirable prospects for itself, decided to pre-emptively demonstrate to the international community its unwillingness to take into account the results of the work of international experts and, thus, readiness for the sake of selfish interests to endanger not only lives of millions of residents of neighboring countries, but of its own population living below the Rogun dam.

On this topic which is vital for the region's population Uzbekistan has consistently maintained a clear and principal position on inadmissibility of the construction of giant hydrotechnical structures on transboundary rivers. These issues should be considered and settled on the basis of universally recognized norms and principles of international law, with the consent of all countries of the region.

The natural question: do these statements represent the position of the Government of Tajikistan or the personal opinion of one of country’s citizens, occupying a high position?


Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan
11 May, 2011

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