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Construction of Rogun HPS is violation of international laws


One of actual issues of modernity is rational use of natural resources, protection of environment and preserving ecologic balance.

In this context, international experts and neighbouring countries are expressing concern over construction of Rogyn Hydro Power Station despite inexistence of ecologic and social assessment of the project. The project is widely discussed by analytical groups and mass media.

In particular, International Institute of Middle and Central East of Latvia hosted a roundtable, dedicated to rational use of water resources in Central Asia on the background of construction of Rogun HPS, Jahon news agency said.

Scientific employees of the institute, independent experts and analysts, Latvian mass media representatives participated at the event.

Opening the event, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Latvia briefed participations on position of Uzbekistan on rational use of water resources. At the same time, detailed information on ecologic system in Central Asia, problems of use of waters of trans-boundary rivers, and others were provided to roundtable participants. It was said that high seismic activity of the regions, where large hydro power stations are constructed, are serious threat to life and security of population of Central Asia.

In his turn, President of Intellectuals Club and member of International Independent Experts Federation Vladimir Yudenko said that such factors as high seismicity of Rogun HPS zone, danger of landslide and mudflow, high height of dam and other factors are heavy arguments against the construction of dam. He also recalled that Tajikistan also does not have enough own resources for construction of the station and it sells shares to own population.

Yudenko said that existing cascade of hydro power stations are negatively impact to flora and water resources of the region. He said that any artificial re-distribution of water resources will result in loss of fruitful lands and desertification of southern territories.

At the end, expert underlined that such large establishments impact ecologic, economic and life interests of several states and they should be designed thoroughly and guarantee reliability by several international organizations. International community is carefully such projects after tragic events in several stations.

On the result of the roundtable, its participants issued a joint press release “On construction of Rogun hydro power station in Tajikistan. The release underlined that leadership of Tajikistan promoted construction of Rogun HPS, despite implementation of the project with construction of large dam can impact ecology, life and health of million people, living in the region. Tajik side also ignore main principles and norms of international laws, including UN Convention on trans-boundary water flow.

The release said that after several requests of Uzbekistan on holding independent international expertise of construction of Rogun HPS under auspices of the UN and its structures, Tajikistan signed a memorandum with the World Bank, which envisages development of feasibility study, ecologic and social expertise of Rogun HPS project.

In line with the memorandum, Tajik sides should suspend all construction works till announcement of expertise results, but under the pretext of rehabilitation works Tajikistan is continuing construction of Rogun HPS, which is evidence of ignoring terms of agreement with the World Bank and main requirements of the UN Conventions.

The release said that violation of memorandum with the World Bank and statements of Tajik officials that technical parameters of the project will not be changed after completion of feasibility study and ecologic expertise are evidence on unconstructive hazardous position of the Government of Tajikistan, which does not wish to find consensus on the issue based on meeting interest of all countries of the region.

Today, countries of the region have enough legal, economic, ecological and other grounds and arguments, not to give permission to implementation of the project. The experts call Tajikistan leadership to show wisdom and understanding in the issues.

At the end, the experts said that construction of Rogun HPS is serious violation of international water law, including clauses of the UN Convention on international water flow.

UzDaily.com, 17 October 2011 

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