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Information digest 38



February 22, 2013



State programme “The Year of Well-being and Prosperity” adopted


Retail trade turnover of Uzbekistan hit 36.918 trillion soums in 2012


Number of Uzbekistan Population Achieved 29,994,600 People



State programme “The Year of Well-being and Prosperity” adopted

Uzbekistan adopted a state programme “The Year of Well-being and Prosperity”.

As reported earlier, President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov announced 2013 as the year of the Year of Well-being and Prosperity at the solemn ceremony on 7 December 2012 dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Constitution of Uzbekistan.

The programme consists of 8 sections and 86 clauses, which determine main direction of social-economic, spiritual and political development of Uzbekistan in 2013 and concretizes mechanisms, ensuring improvement of population prosperity, social stability, peace and well-being in each family and society.

The programme envisages that state and non-governmental organizations, civil society institutes, self-governing bodies and citizens will participate in its implementation. The document sets concrete executors, terms of implementation, source of financing and monitoring system, etc.

It is expected that 6.655 trillion soums or US$919.2 million will be directed to implementation of the programme. State Budget of Uzbekistan will issue 3.312 trillion soums, executors and sponsors – 1.918 trillion soums, loans of commercial banks – 1.425 trillion soums. It is planned to attract US$664.6 million of resources of international organizations, financial institutions.

The key direction of the progamme is increasing well-being and real income of population, raising employment rates, further development of small and private businesses, farms, improve state targeted welfare of population. It is planned that salaries of works of the budget organizations, pensions, stipends and allowances will grow at least 23% in 2013. About 60% of all expenses of state budget will be directed to further development of social sector and social support of population.

The programme determines a complex of measures on creation of production and infrastructure objects, development of service sector, family businesses, and expansion of outwork. In 2013, it is planned to create 970,000 new jobs in 2013 due to development of small and private businesses, farms, and out-work.

In line with the state programme, it is expected that commercial banks will issue 269.6 billion soums to development of family, small and private businesses, craftsmanship, farming, support of graduated of professional colleges.

The programme envisages that each region of Uzbekistan will develop and implement territorial industrial development programmes. The documents will strengthen industrial cooperation, attraction of regional enterprises to localization programmes, organization of new capacities, etc.

It is expected that increase employment and population income in rural areas through development of horticulture, viticulture and silk-breading. It is planned to implement 288 projects on construction of new, reconstruction and modernization of existing enterprises to deepen processing agriculture products and increase production of food products. Production will be also expanded due to introduction mini-technologies into agriculture sector.

The document stipulates development of electronic government system, which will provide interactive services to businesses and population via internet and function as one-stop-shop. This will simplify activities of businesses and state bodies.

Uzbekistan plans to continue work on reforming healthcare system. It is planned to improve technical base of healthcare establishments, their equipment, etc. It is planned to construct 32 new rural medical points, reconstruct medical centers, 11 regional medical institutes, and other healthcare establishment. Some 13 regional medical children centers will be equipped with diagnostic and medical equipment.

Uzbekistan also plans to reconstruct 217 general schools and repair another 167 ones, 159 academic lyceums and colleges, construct and reconstruct 55 musical and art schools,116 children sport objects, 45 objects of secondary education institutions. All of them will be equipped with school equipment and tools. Children summer camps will be also constructed, reconstructed and repaired in 2013.

The programme envisages measures on further improving life standards of population, creation of adequate habitation and social conditions, water, electricity and heating supply. Some 10,000 individual houses on standard projects will be built in 353 rural areas in 2013 and they will be connected to water and electricity supply lines, gas networks and sewage system.

It is also planned to develop roads, engineering-communication and transport infrastructure. It is expected that 239.1 km of roads in rural areas will be constructed in 2013, while roads in cities will be constructed, reconstructed and repaired.

Uzbekistan plans to implement important measures on raising role of mahallas (neighborhoods), as well as their rights and powers in social and economic life of local areas. The progrmme envisages measures on reconstruction of houses, streets, children sports fields, outdoor lights, etc. It is planned to plant 15 million ornamental trees and 29.5 million fruit trees, as well as 10 million flowers and plants in territories of mahallas in 2013.

The country plans to implement measures on further strengthening family institute, stimulate employment of women, creation of favourable life standards, etc. (Source: UzA).


Retail trade turnover of Uzbekistan hit 36.918 trillion soums in 2012

Retail trade turnover of Uzbekistan mad eup 36.918 trillion soums (official exchange rate of 22.02.2013 $1=2015.76 UZS) ($18b) in 2012, which grew by 13.9% year-on-year, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said.

In the structure of retail trade turnover the share of food products was 51.8% and non-food products – 48.2% in 2012 (50.2% and 49.8% respectively in 2011).

In January-December 2012, the retail trade turnover of trade enterprises reached 13.736 trillion soums ($6,8b) or increased by 5.1% year-on-year. In the structure of the retail trade the turnover of trade enterprises was 37.2%.

In the total turnover of trade enterprises, the share of the retail trade turnover of trade enterprises in the rural area reached 24.4%.

The sale of agricultural products and livestock in dekhkan markets grew by 20.2% and reached 15.399 trillion soums ($7,6b). The share of sales in the retail trade turnover was 41.7%.

The goods turnover of commodity and specialized markets was 7.783 trillion soums ($3,8b) or 19.1% higher than in January-December 2011. The share of the informal sector in the total volume of goods turnover was 21.1%. (Source: UzDaily.com).


Number of Uzbekistan Population Achieved 29,994,600 People

According to preliminary data of State Committee of Statistics, number of permanent population of Uzbekistan is 29,994,600 people as of January 1, 2013, while rose to 439,2 thousand people or 1,5 percent from the start of 2012.

Number of urban population made up 15,315,300 people or 51,1 percent, rural population is 14,679,300 people or 48,9 percent from total number of population.

Birth rate in January-December of 2012 made 21,0 per mille and comparing to same period of 2011 (21,2 per mille) it reduced to 0,2 per mille.

Death rate in January-December of 2012 made up 4,9 per mille (in January-Decemer of 2011 – 4,9 per mille).

In the structure of total death rate 61,7 percent is the decease of blood circulation system, 7,6 percent – new growth, 6,1 percent – decease of respiratory organs, 6,1 percent – accidents, poisoning and injuries, 5,8 percent – decease of digestive organ. (Source: IA Uzreport). 


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