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About the Briefing on Presidential Elections in Uzbekistan

On 11th of February 2015, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in London held a Briefing devoted to the upcoming Elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 29 March 2015. Representatives of the Parliament, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, other Government organisations of the United Kingdom, business, expert-analytical, education, scientific circles and mass-media, as well as members of the British-Uzbek Society and the Uzbek Diaspora attended the meeting. 
In his speech, Ambassador Otabek Akbarov stressed that the upcoming elections should become a milestone in the modern history of Uzbekistan, consolidating the results of the political, economic and social reforms implemented during the 23 years of Independence, as well as ensuring further steady and consistent progress of our country. He provided an overview of the main stages of formation and development of Uzbekistan as a democratic state with a socially oriented market economy and a strong civil society, with special emphasis on the principles of the "Uzbek Model of Development" and the Concept of the President Islam Karimov from November 2010. Detailed information was given about one of the five priority areas of the Concept - The democratization of state power and governance, with concrete examples of its implementation. He also highlighted the importance of the recent Elections to the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) of Uzbekistan which were held in renewed political conditions, after introduction of changes to the Constitution and strengthening the role of Parliament and political parties. The main results of these elections were also presented.
A special emphasis in the Ambassador’s speech was made on the entire spectrum of preparation to the Presidential elections. It was reported that all four registered parties had officially nominated their candidates, after the collection of signatures of voters and approval during the meetings of their supreme bodies. Guests were informed about each of the candidates, parties they represent - The Movement of Entrepreneurs and Business People – the Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP), the People's Democratic Party, Democratic Party of Uzbekistan "Milly Tiklanish" (National Revival) and Social-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan "Adolat" (Justice), as well as their priorities to ensure sustainable development of the country in all directions. The attention of the citizens of Uzbekistan, temporarily or permanently residing in the United Kingdom, Norway and Ireland, were drawn to the establishment of the Polling station ¹23 at the Embassy, as well as preparation measures for the Voting on March 29 (thesis of the speech here).
The Briefing participants were shown the English version of the documentary film entitled "The Uzbek Model of Development", as well as presented relevant informational materials.
Chairman of the Cambridge Central Asia Forum Professor Siddharth Saxena said that during the observation of the Elections to the Oliy Majlis in December 2014 he was particularly impressed by "the active involvement of a diverse population of Uzbekistan in the electoral processes. Representatives from a wide range of professions and all generations, especially the youth, were taking part in these important events, both as candidates and voters. In this regard, it is important of the wide coverage of political parties and candidates nominated to the President".
Chairman of the British NGO «Haven Wolverhampton» Ann Dawson praised the achievements made in Uzbekistan and measures to support women's active participation in the life of the state and society. In her opinion, the creation of opportunities for young families and graduates of educational institutions has a particular importance.
Director of «Pathfinder Trade and Invest» Michael Thomas stressed that it was necessary to recognize a huge progress of Uzbekistan in a way of socio-economic development. He paid particular attention to the transport and communication potential of our country, both in the context of the historical role of the Great Silk Road and modern projects aimed at diversifying its own trade and infrastructure, linking together the major regions of the world. According to Mr Thomas, Uzbekistan should actively use its favorable geographical position and expand export markets outside the region of Central Asia.
Chairman of the UK Tatar Association Ramil Minullin, who was born and grown up Uzbekistan, highlighted the importance paid to social protection of the population in our country. Referring to his own experience gained while working in Uzbekistan, Mr Minullin said that he actively uses it for the initiation and implementation of humanitarian projects in the UK. 
CEO of «Browning Wealth Management» Benjamin Browning mentioned "fantastic progress made by Uzbekistan in the development of its agriculture, as well as efforts to preserve the environment". In his opinion, it is important that parties and candidates, participating in the electoral processes, take into account these issues in their election platforms. 
Other participants of Briefing asked a series of questions related to the position of Uzbekistan on Afghanistan, policy of our country to attract investments, development of the energy sector and youth participation in the electoral processes. All questions were answered.
                          Ambassador Akbarov addresses the audience
                 Show of documentary film "The Uzbek Model of Development"
                                Professor Saxena shares his observations
                      Chairman of «Haven Wolverhampton» Ann Dawson
                                   Michael Thomas makes his remarks
                                                           Q&A session
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