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Kuwaiti experts: Uzbekistan - one of the most attractive countries in the world in terms of political and economic stability

In an interview with the Jahon Information Agency Kuwaiti experts shared their comments on the participation of Uzbekistan in the World Exhibition EXPO Milano 2015. 
Hesham Al Vakayan, Deputy Director General of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Cooperation:
- We know that Uzbekistan has been involved traditionally in various international economic and agricultural exhibitions. In this regard, organization of Uzbekistan's National pavilion at EXPO Milano 2015 is important for the national economy.
Participation in such events provides opportunities to demonstrate the country's achievements, its economic and investment potential, rich cultural heritage, history and modern development. Such sites are meeting place for new foreign partners and investors, who may be interested in the implementation of promising projects, primarily in countries where provided by political and economic stability. In this regard, Uzbekistan can be considered as one of the most attractive countries in the world. The country in recent years there has been a high rate of economic development, great attention is paid to the creation of high-tech industries, the production of export-oriented products, all the conditions for national and foreign investors.
The country also successfully developing agriculture. Due to favorable climatic conditions, fruits and vegetables in Uzbekistan are of high quality, natural and unique taste. I think that the presentation of dried fruits and sweets cluster "Fruits and vegetables" at the World Exhibition EXPO Milano 2015 will positively affect the increase in the volume of their exports and attracting foreign tourists to Uzbekistan.
Riven D'Souza, Executive Director of newspaper "Kuwait Times":
- I as a journalist with great interest observed the international activities in various fields. One of the most important economic forums this year is the World Exhibition EXPO Milano 2015, which is held under the theme "Feeding the planet. Energy for Life".
Everyone visiting the national pavilion of Uzbekistan, will receive detailed information on the achievements of the country's independence and its economic and investment potential, investment environment and rich cultural heritage. In addition, this exhibition is a unique platform to familiarize visitors with great potential and wide opportunities of Uzbekistan in the agricultural sector, which is developing dynamically thanks to the introduction of modern technologies.
Visiting Uzbekistan, I am personally convinced that your country cultivates ecologically safe fruit and vegetables, expanding livestock sector, poultry and fish, establishes a system of high-quality food production, strengthened the power of processing industry.
In this regard, Expo Milano 2015 along with a demonstration of enormous economic potential of Uzbekistan gives ample opportunity to explore the world's food production needs, finding new partners, expanding the geography of export of Uzbek goods and further development of economic and trade cooperation with other countries.
Jahon Information Agency, Kuwait
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