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Healthy mother and child - a pillar of the country

On 9 February 2016, President of Uzbekistan approved the State program "Year of a healthy mother and child".
Further improvement of legislation and normative-legal base concerning protection of family, motherhood and childhood, protection of the interests of women, increasing their role in upbringing a healthy child, strengthening the family institution as the foundation of a strong, stable and prosperous state have been identified as one of the most important directions of the State Program.
In particular, this year will see the beginning of the development of the draft Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On state youth policy" in a new edition. It is planned to introduce amendments to the criminal code aimed at further liberalization of the criminal law against women having children under three years of age (regardless of being on a holiday for child care) , by including them in the list of persons in respect of whom correctional labor is not applied. It is also planned to adopt regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, providing for the establishment of centers (groups) for daily care after disabled children of boarding houses "Muruvvat", other public and private educational institutions.
This year will see the continuation of consistent work on creating social, domestic and medical conditions for people living in remote and inaccessible rural areas, primarily for women, as well as the construction of rural modern houses on standard projects, social infrastructure, improvement of rural drinking water, natural gas, improve the quality of services.
For example, it is scheduled to adopt a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on approving the Program of the organization in remote villages of Uzbekistan 194 model complexes of consumer services with the obligatory inclusion in their composition of beauty salons, tailoring, services for the repair of small appliances, shoes. It is also planned to allocate for these purposes bank loans and required land areas. Hereby, women from low-income families living in remote and inaccessible rural areas of Uzbekistan are planned to be provided for free, electrical household appliances. The villagers from among the socially vulnerable strata of the population will be provided the sets of adult and children's clothing.
The Program envisages the construction of 13 thousand individual houses on standard projects in rural areas in all regions of Uzbekistan with 296.3 km of power supply networks and 307.5 km of gas supply networks. Measures will be taken to ensure settlements with qualitative drinking water due to the introduction of more than 1.3 thousand kilometers of water supply networks in rural areas, including 300.5 km of water supply networks in residential areas on standard projects.
Particular attention in 2016 will be paid to further strengthening the material-technical base and cadre potential of medical establishments, in particular, perinatal and screening centers, to improve the effectiveness of family polyclinics and rural health units, ensuring the growth in the number of patronage nurses and advanced training of obstetrician-gynecologists and pediatricians.
In this context, particularly important is the construction of a children's multidisciplinary medical center for 280 beds and 250 visits per shift and 1,500 operations a year. It will be equipped with the most modern medical equipment. This, in turn, will significantly improve the quality of skilled high-tech medical care to mothers and children, specialized care for children from birth to 18 years for cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, urology, nephrology, oncology and other medical areas, will reduce child mortality and disability.
In order to improve the quality of primary health care in rural areas, rehabilitation services to children with disabilities with the use of modern medical equipment, to decrease the indicators of childhood disability it is planned to reconstruct, overhaul and equip three regional children's diversified medical centers (Samarkand, Gulistan, Urgench) and the clinic of Tashkent pediatric medical Institute. It is planned to complete the reconstruction and equipping of the Republican specialized scientific-practical medical center of Pediatrics, reconstruction, overhaul and equipping of offices and maternity hospitals of 38 regional medical associations, overhaul and repair of 11 family polyclinics, and 244 rural health units. In addition, it is also planned to construct and equip the new Medical-diagnostic building of the Republican children's rehabilitation center of musculoskeletal system diseases, as well as to reconstruct and overhaul of children's antituberculous sanatorium in the Khorezm region.
At that, planned for establishment Women's Wellness Center will be equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment. The Center will provide comprehensive health care to women on the principles of improving the quality of their lives and expanding medical services.
The material-technical base of children's and maternity establishments, including the Republican perinatal center, regional perinatal centers and branches of the Republican specialized scientific-practical medical center of obstetrics and gynecology, 13 regional multidisciplinary children's centers, Republican city and district medical institutions will be improved this year. The further expansion of activity of the Republican center for social adaptation of children will continue. The expansion in 2016-2018 will also include the opening of 11 regional branches of the center, a Public Fund to support the social adaptation of children with special needs.
Another priority is the implementation of the State program of early detection of congenital and hereditary diseases through the perinatal and neonatal screening of pregnant women and newborns, massive early prenatal ultrasound screening of pregnant women at the level of primary health care, equipping of 13 screening centers with digital multi-purpose ultrasound systems of high class. All this will allow preventing the birth of children with congenital malformations and hereditary diseases, reducing child disability and mortality.
The state program "Year of a healthy mother and child" provides for the increased liability of medical workers for carrying out complete pre-marital medical examination of persons who marry, reducing on this basis potential cases of congenital and hereditary diseases, equipping clinics with modern diagnostic equipment, improving the quality of medical services, the implementation of wide explanatory work among the population about the importance of medical examination before marriage in order to create strong families and consequent birth of a healthy child. Measures will also be taken to improve the medical culture of the population, strengthening of work in the field of sanitation and hygiene, protection of health and improvement of the psychophysiological state of pregnant women, appropriate care for young mothers and children, ensuring the quality and caloric content of their diet.
In order to further develop the common scientific and practical policy in the field of healthy nutrition and dietetics in accordance with modern international standards, it is planned to establish the Republican educational-scientific center of nutrition under the Tashkent Medical Academy.
The State program "Year of a healthy mother and child" as important directions has defined the broad popularization of physical culture and sports, attraction of youth to regular sports activities, particularly girls in rural areas, construction of new and strengthening material-technical base of the existing sports facilities, equipping them with modern sports equipment and supplies.
It is also scheduled to construct over 1.7 thousand sports halls for comprehensive schools, including 217 halls in 2016, with the creation in all schools of sports teams and school leagues, creating in each district, at least, one modern well-equipped children's and youth sports school (225 units), including 15 in 2016. At that, the activities of 56 specialized children and youth sports schools in four areas of sport will be established in regional centers, including 5 schools will start their operation by this year. The number of swimming pools will reach 290.
Work will be continued on the formation of girls – future mothers – as physically healthy and intellectually developed. Their education in academic lyceums and professional colleges, the mastery of modern knowledge and professions will become obligatory. This, in turn, will contribute to the formation of a solid attitude and independent thinking as the main condition for occupying a worthy place in life.
Another important area will be the implementation of measures aimed at the formation of intellectually developed, physically healthy young generation, creating conditions for the manifestation of the creative talents and abilities of youth, especially girls. On this basis it is planned to reconstruct and equip youth centers in Bukhara and Urgench, the youth camp "Kamolot" and recreation areas for young families in the Tashkent region, the Youth Park Kamolot in Tashkent.
The State program "Year of a healthy mother and child" has set up objectives to strengthen the role of education in forming a healthy child, the further development of the network of preschool educational institutions, dramatically increasing the level of preparation of children for school with ensuring high-quality primary education, broad introduction of advanced pedagogical and information and communication technologies.
It is planned to overhaul of the 286 pre-school institutions, establish playgrounds, and improve the conditions for the development of non-state preschools. The current year will see the construction of 28 new, reconstruction of 234 and the overhaul of 105 secondary schools, providing them with new educational furniture, computer classrooms, training and laboratory equipment. More than 1.6 thousand schools will be equipped with computers, including with interactive electronic whiteboards.
It is planned to reconstruct and capital repair of 13 academic lyceums and 107 professional colleges, equipping them with necessary production equipment.
A special place in the State program is devoted to the employment of college graduates, especially girls, to promote further work on the allocation of concessional loans to young people seeking to establish their own business.
In general, the implementation of the State program "Year of a healthy mother and child" will draw 7 trillion 483.3 billion soums and $194 million in value. Undoubtedly, the continuation of the ongoing work and new initiatives will significantly strengthen the formed in our country an effective system of protection of motherhood and childhood, contribute to the education of a harmoniously developed younger generation.
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