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Objects for Sale

Entities involved in privatization process

  1. State Tender Committee (STC)
  2. Enterprise Institution Building Bureau (EIBB)
  3. Case-by-Case Privatization Bureau (CCPB)
  4. The Center for coordination and control of securities market of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  5. State Central Securities Depositary of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  6. State unitary enterprise "Respublika Mulk-Auktsioni" (Property Auction)
  7. Republican Stock Exchange «Toshkent»
  8. Calculation-clearing chamber "Elsis-Kliring"
  9. Republican Real Estate Exchange
  10. Brokerage house "Active broker"
  11. Newspaper “Birja” (Exchange)
  12. Newspaper “Mening mulkim - Chastnaya Sobstvennost” (Private Property)
  13. Research Center of the State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  14. Republican business-school 


RESOLUTION BY PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN PP-2340 dated April 28, 2015  "On Measures aimed at increase of the Share and Significance of the Private Ownership in the economy"

LIST of Joint Stock Companiesin which the state’s share and share of economic management authorities to be sold to strategic foreign investors


RESOLUTION BY PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN No PP-2200 dated July 03, 2014 "On the additional measures aimed at sales of the state-owned facilities to the the small business and private entrepreneurship entities"

Appendix No 1. THE LIST of unused and unfinished by construction state-owned facilities being subject to demolition  upon a conclusion of a authorized bodies and a decision of the district (city) Hokimiyats.

Appendix No 2. THE LIST of unused state-owned facilities to be sold through public sales during the year of 2014.

Appendix No 3. THE LIST of unused state-owned facilities, including those unfinished by construction, being subject to sale during the year of 2014 on the competitive basis at “zero” purchase price with the terms of undertaking the investment obligations and commitment to create the new job-places.

Appendix No 4. THE LIST of the land lots on which the creation of the small industrial zones is specified, with consequent allocation of areas at sizes of 0,2-0,3 hectares  to the private entrepreneurship entities for organizing in them the new industries, facilities of the services’ sphere.

Appendix No 5. THE LIST of state-owned facilities subject to contribution into the Charter Funds of the economic entities as well as be handed over to other organizations for operational management and gratuitous usage with the aim of their further effective utilization. 

Appendix No 6.  NORMS AND MEASURES aimed at simplification of the order of privatization of the State-owned facilities.



Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 15, 2014 No 192 "On  measures aimed  at  further   optimization of  the  unused  territories  and  redundant production  areas  of  unprofitable, economically unsustainable and low-profit organizations"

APPENDIX No 1. THE LIST of redundant production areas of the State Unitary Enterprises subject to sale, including those with the term of creation on their basis of the production facilities having good prospects.

APPENDIX No 2. THE LIST of redundunt production areas of the organizations with presence of State-owned shares in their Charter Funds subject to sale, including those under the term of creation on their basis of the production facilities having good prospects upon decisions by their according governance bodies.

APPENDIX No 3. THE LIST of facilities including those of social and production infrastructure subject to tranfer to the local State power bodies under their operational governance or into the Charter Funds of the according organizations.

APPENDIX No 4. THE LIST of facilities of social infrastructure subject to sale.

APPENDIX No 5. THE LIST of unused territories and redundunt production areas subject to transfer to the local State power bodies accordingly into their land reserves and under operational governance, including those intended for futher organization of the industrial parks.



For further information please visit:

  1. Ministry of economy (www.minecnomy.uz)
  2. Ministry of foreign economic relations (www.mfer.uz)
  3. State Property Committee (www.gki.uz)
  4. “Uzinfoinvest” Agency (www.uzinfoinvest.uz)
  5. Chamber of Commerce (www.chamber.uz)

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